Why Sellers Need to Use Everbee on Etsy

Etsy is a popular online marketplace renowned for its focus on handmade, vintage, and unique items. It serves as a platform where independent creators and artisans can showcase and sell their products, ranging from handcrafted jewelry, clothing, and home decor to art, collectibles, and personalized items.

Etsy’s unique appeal lies in its emphasis on creativity and individuality, offering consumers an alternative to mass-produced goods. By connecting sellers with buyers around the world, Etsy fosters a global community that values craftsmanship, sustainability, and the uniqueness of each item.

Everbee as a Tool for Etsy Sellers

Everbee is a specialized tool designed to enhance the experience and success of sellers on Etsy, a popular platform for handmade and vintage items. This tool provides a suite of features tailored to the unique needs of Etsy merchants, focusing on areas such as market analysis, search engine optimization (SEO), and sales optimization.

With Everbee, sellers can gain valuable insights into market trends, optimize their product listings for better visibility, and effectively manage their shop’s inventory. Additionally, it may offer resources for tracking sales performance, understanding customer preferences, and implementing targeted marketing strategies. Everbee aims to empower Etsy sellers by providing them with the tools and data they need to thrive in a competitive marketplace, helping them to grow their businesses and reach a wider audience of potential customers.

Understanding Everbee

Everbee is a comprehensive tool designed for Etsy sellers to optimize their online shops and increase sales. It offers various features, including product analytics, shop analysis, keyword research, listing rank tracking, and a trademark monitor. Everbee provides insights into sales, revenue, and market trends, allowing sellers to make data-driven decisions to grow their Etsy business. The tool includes a Google Chrome extension for easy integration with Etsy, giving users access to data on every listing they view​​​​.

Everbee has a free plan offering limited analytics and other features, while more advanced plans are available at monthly or annual subscriptions. The Growth Plan, priced at $29.99 per month or $239 annually, offers comprehensive product analytics with sales and revenue data, unlimited keyword searches, and listing rank tracking. The Business Plan, at $99 per month or $828 annually, includes everything in the Growth Plan plus unlimited Etsy store connections and priority support​​.

One of the newer features of Everbee is the Everbee Email tool, which allows automated email communications for order confirmations, shipping and delivery confirmations, and review requests. It also helps in building an email list for newsletters. This feature enhances the direct connection between sellers and their customers​​.

Everbee’s strengths lie in its sales estimation, product validation, and listing analysis. However, it may not be as strong in keyword research compared to dedicated tools like eRank. The search limit on the Pro plan is relatively low, potentially limiting extensive research without upgrading to a higher-priced plan​​.

Comparatively, eRank focuses specifically on keyword optimization tools and SEO suggestions for Etsy listings. While Everbee offers high-level analytics and insights into overall shop performance, eRank provides more detailed keyword tools and on-page listing optimization. eRank uses a subscription-based model, with its free plan providing basic SEO tools and paid plans offering more extensive features​​.

Ultimately, the choice between Everbee and other tools like eRank depends on your specific needs as an Etsy seller. If you’re looking for robust analytics and automation, Everbee is a great free option. For more detailed keyword research and optimization, a tool like eRank might be more suitable, though it requires a subscription fee.

Everbee integration with Etsy

Everbee’s integration with Etsy is a key feature that enhances its functionality for Etsy sellers. This integration is achieved through a Google Chrome Extension, allowing Everbee to connect directly to Etsy. Once connected, Everbee provides real-time data and analytics on Etsy listings and shops.

Here’s a closer look at how this integration works and its benefits:

  1. Direct Connection to Etsy Listings: When an Etsy seller uses Everbee with the Chrome extension, they can access detailed data on every listing they click on. This includes information such as title, tags, estimated monthly revenue, total item sales, lifespan of the listing, average visibility score, and conversion rate. This data is crucial for sellers to understand market trends, identify successful products, and optimize their listings for better visibility and sales​​.
  2. Easy Shop Analysis: Everbee allows sellers to connect their Etsy shop directly to the tool. This integration enables Everbee to access shop data, providing tailored insights and recommendations. Sellers can view an entire store’s statistics, including sales data, tag effectiveness, and overall shop performance. This feature is particularly useful for analyzing competitors and understanding best practices in similar niches​​​​.
  3. Keyword Research and Optimization: Through its integration with Etsy, Everbee enables sellers to perform in-depth keyword research. It shows important metrics such as search volume, competition, and trends. Sellers can use this information to optimize their product titles and descriptions to align with what potential buyers are searching for, thereby improving their SEO and visibility on Etsy​​​​.
  4. Automated Tools for Efficiency: The integration also supports automated tools like the Everbee Email, which allows for automated communications for order confirmations, shipping, delivery confirmations, and review requests. This automation saves time and enhances the customer experience​​.
  5. Trademark Monitoring: Everbee’s integration with Etsy includes a trademark monitor feature, which scans listings for any trademark infringements, helping sellers avoid legal issues related to intellectual property rights​​.
  6. Listing Rank Tracking: This feature gives insights into how the keywords for the products are performing in Etsy search results. Sellers can monitor their ranking changes over time, giving them an understanding of the effectiveness of their SEO strategies​​.
  7. Etsy Profit Calculator: Another beneficial feature of the integration is the Etsy Profit Calculator, which helps sellers calculate estimated profit margins based on various inputs like product costs, shipping costs, and selling prices​​.

Benefits of Using Everbee for Etsy Sellers

Using Everbee offers several benefits for Etsy sellers, enhancing their ability to successfully manage and grow their online businesses on the Etsy platform. Here are some key advantages:

  1. In-depth Product Analytics: Everbee provides detailed analytics on products, including sales, revenue, and other critical metrics. This information helps sellers identify which products are in demand and make informed decisions about what to stock and promote in their Etsy shop​​​​.
  2. Competitive Shop Analysis: The tool allows sellers to analyze competitors’ listings, sales data, and tags. This insight is invaluable for understanding market trends, determining what works well in a particular niche, and adapting strategies accordingly​​.
  3. Advanced Keyword Research: Everbee’s keyword research suite includes features like tag analyzer and keyword metrics, which are essential for optimizing listings for Etsy’s search engine. This can lead to improved visibility and higher search rankings on the platform​​​​.
  4. Listing Rank Tracking: Sellers can track the daily rankings of their product listings for specific keywords on Etsy. This feature helps in monitoring and adapting SEO strategies to improve the visibility and ranking of listings​​.
  5. Trademark Monitoring: The tool scans listings for any trademark infringements, helping sellers avoid legal issues and ensuring their products comply with intellectual property laws​​.
  6. Etsy Profit Calculator: Everbee includes a profit calculator that assists sellers in estimating profit margins, taking into account factors like product costs, shipping costs, and selling prices. This helps in pricing products more effectively​​.
  7. Enhanced Email Communication: With the Everbee Email tool, sellers can send automated emails for order confirmation, shipping, and review requests. This feature streamlines communication with customers and helps in building a professional brand image​​.
  8. Customer Feedback and Validation: The tool provides insights from customer reviews and sales data, helping sellers understand consumer preferences and validate new product ideas​​​​.
  9. Ease of Use: Everbee is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy. This allows a wider range of sellers to benefit from its features without a steep learning curve​​.
  10. Cost-Effectiveness: Everbee offers a free plan with valuable features, making it a cost-effective solution for Etsy sellers, especially those just starting or operating on a tight budget​​.

How to Get Started with Everbee on etsy

Getting started with Everbee for your Etsy shop involves a few straightforward steps. Here’s a guide to help you set up and begin using Everbee effectively:

  1. Create an Everbee Account: The first step is to sign up for an Everbee account. You can do this by visiting the Everbee website and following the registration process. This typically involves providing some basic information such as your name, email address, and creating a password​​.
  2. Install the Everbee Chrome Extension: Everbee works as a Google Chrome extension, which you need to install for it to interact with Etsy. You can find this extension in the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, the extension allows you to access Everbee’s features directly within your browser while you navigate Etsy​​​​.
  3. Connect Your Etsy Shop: After setting up your account and installing the extension, the next step is to connect your Etsy shop to Everbee. This integration is crucial as it enables Everbee to pull data from your Etsy shop, providing you with tailored analytics and insights. You’ll typically need to authorize Everbee to access your Etsy account data as part of this process​​.
  4. Explore Everbee Features: Once your account is set up and your shop is connected, start exploring the various features Everbee offers. This includes product analytics, shop analysis, keyword research, listing rank tracking, and more. Familiarize yourself with these tools to understand how they can help you improve your Etsy shop’s performance​​​​.
  5. Use the Product Analysis Tool: A great way to start is by using the product analysis tool. When you search on Etsy and view listings, the Everbee extension will provide analytics for each item, such as estimated monthly revenue, total item sales, visibility score, and conversion rate. This information can be invaluable for understanding what products to focus on and how to optimize your listings​​.
  6. Monitor Sales and Trends: Regularly check the analytics dashboard provided by Everbee to monitor your shop’s performance. This includes sales, traffic, customer engagement, and more. Use this data to identify trends, spot bestsellers, and make informed decisions about your product range and marketing strategies​​.
  7. Optimize Your Listings: Utilize the keyword research and tag analysis features to optimize your product titles and descriptions. This can help improve your search rankings on Etsy and attract more potential buyers to your listings​​​​.
  8. Regularly Update Your Strategy: As you gather more data and insights from Everbee, regularly update your selling strategy on Etsy. This might include adding new products, tweaking your SEO tactics, or adjusting your pricing based on competitive analysis and market trends​​​​.
  9. Seek Support if Needed: If you encounter any difficulties or have questions, Everbee offers customer support. You can reach out to them via chat or email for assistance​​.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to leveraging Everbee’s capabilities to optimize and grow your Etsy shop. Remember, the key to making the most of Everbee is to regularly review the data and insights it provides and use them to make informed decisions about your Etsy business.

Final Words

In conclusion, Everbee emerges as a transformative tool for Etsy sellers, offering an array of features designed to streamline operations, enhance market understanding, and optimize listing visibility. Its ability to deliver detailed market insights, simplify inventory management, and improve SEO rankings makes it an invaluable asset in the competitive world of online handmade and vintage sales.

Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting, integrating Everbee into your Etsy business could be a game-changer, helping you to save time, increase efficiency, and potentially boost sales. I encourage every Etsy seller to explore what Everbee has to offer and consider how it can elevate their store to new heights of success. Remember, in the dynamic world of online retail, staying ahead of the curve is key, and Everbee might just be the tool you need to do that.


What is Everbee and how does it integrate with Etsy?

Everbee is a tool designed to enhance the selling experience on Etsy. It integrates directly with Etsy to offer market insights, inventory management, and SEO optimization for sellers’ listings.

Can Everbee help with understanding market trends on Etsy?

Answer: Yes, Everbee provides sellers with valuable data on market trends and customer preferences, aiding in making informed decisions about their products and strategies.

Does Everbee offer any features to manage inventory?

Answer: Absolutely. Everbee includes features for inventory tracking and management, including automatic alerts for restocking, which simplifies inventory control for Etsy sellers.

How does Everbee improve a seller’s visibility on Etsy?

Answer: Everbee assists in enhancing product visibility through SEO optimization tools and strategies, making listings more discoverable to potential buyers on the Etsy platform.

Is Everbee suitable for all types of Etsy sellers?

Answer: Yes, Everbee is designed to benefit a wide range of Etsy sellers, regardless of the size or type of their store, by providing tools and insights that are universally applicable and valuable.

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