How To Invite Friends On TikTok Shop

How To Invite Friends On TikTok Shop APP? TikTok Shop is a rapidly expanding e-commerce marketplace app, that enables users to purchase products straight from manufacturers at wholesale rates. The app has quickly risen to prominence due to its affordable pricing for high-quality items. A standout feature of TikTok Shop is the opportunity to invite friends and receive rewards.

Steps to Invite Friends on TikTok Shop

Follow these simple steps to invite friends and earn rewards on TikTok Shop:

Download and Register on TikTok Shop

To begin, you need to install the TikTok Shop app on your smartphone, which is readily available on the Google Play Store for Android users or the Apple App Store for those with iOS devices. Once the installation is complete, sign up by providing your phone number or email address. Ensure you confirm your email address or phone number to set up your account successfully.

Access ‘Invite Friends’ Feature

After you’ve successfully registered, locate and select the profile symbol, which can be found in the lower right corner of your TikTok Shop homepage. Following this, opt for the ‘Invite Friends’ feature. Doing so will navigate you towards the referral area of the application.

Share Referral Link

In the ‘Invite Friends’ area, your personal referral link is available. By selecting the ‘Share’ button next to it, you can distribute this link directly through platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or a simple Text Message, among others. There is also the option for you to manually copy this referral link and deliver it to your friends in your own way.

Share Referral Code

In addition to the referral link, your unique referral code will be displayed in the same area. Distribute this special code to your friends, directing them to input it when they are setting up their account on TikTok Shop.

Access Promo Code

TikTok Shop provides a promotional code to share with friends via a referral link or code. This code entitles your friends to immediate savings on their transactions. By sharing this code, you can enhance the likelihood of them registering on the TEMU app.

Check Rewards Progress

You’ll begin to accumulate rewards as your pals register via the referral link or code you’ve shared and make their first purchases. To monitor the progress of your successful referrals in real-time, including the cashback and other benefits you’ve accumulated, simply navigate back to the ‘Invite Friends’ section.

Claim Your Rewards

Claim Your Rewards

Upon reaching the threshold for redemption, you can collect your cash rewards. The amount you’ve earned will be shown in your TikTok Sho wallet. This balance can then be applied toward purchases within the app.

Why Invite Friends on TikTok Shop?

Here are some great reasons to invite friends and family to TikTok Sho:

Exciting Rewards

Inviting friends to join TikTok Shop can lead to enticing benefits. When your referrals come on board and start shopping, you can receive cashback, enjoy significant discounts, and acquire gift cards, among other exclusive perks and rewards.

Increase Earning Potential

Boost your rewards by inviting your friends to join TikTok Shop. By recommending the TikTok Shop to your social circle, you increase your potential for earning benefits. The more friends that join, the more you stand to earn. So start inviting today!

Benefits Friends As Well

Inviting your friends to join TikTok Shop not only benefits you but also rewards them with exclusive discount promo codes and exciting deals. This makes their initiation into the app a truly rewarding experience.

Grow Your Network

TTikTok Shop allows you to expand your social network easily. Bringing your friends on board allows you to connect with them.

Boost App Reputation

Referring to new users enhances the user base of TikTok Shop. This not only uplifts the app’s reputation but also has the potential to bring substantial advantages to the entire community.

How to Get More Referrals

Use these tips and tricks to invite more friends and maximize referrals:

Broadcast Message

To extend your reach, consider leveraging messaging applications to share the referral link across various groups and contacts, rather than sending individual invitations. This approach significantly expands your potential audience when inviting friends to join you on the TikTok Shop.

Share on Social Media

Share your referral link or code on popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. Make sure to include a personalized message that encapsulates your experience with TikTok Shop.

Offer Incentives

Encourage more referrals by offering some of your benefits to friends when they join. This strategy enhances the likelihood of them signing up for TikTok Shop.

Target Potential Buyers

Identify friends who frequently shop online and send invites explaining TTikTok Shop discounts. They will likely register.

Make it Catchy

Craft a catchy referral message highlighting app features and discounts to grab attention.

Persuade Hesitant Friends

If some friends hesitate to install TikTok Shop, convince them by talking about your experience and savings.

Final Words

Inviting your friends and connections to join TikTok Shop is a lucrative way to reap rewards such as cashback and unique offers. To tap into these benefits, share your personal referral link, code, and promotions across all your social platforms.

Our step-by-step guide will walk you through the simple process of inviting friends and grabbing your referral rewards from TikTok Shop. discounts


Q: What is the limit on the number of friends I can invite to TikTok Shop?

A: You can invite unlimited friends to join the TikTok Shop. There is no limit to how many contacts you can refer.

Q: When will I receive my referral bonus?

Once your friends sign up and reach the minimum redemption amount, the referral bonuses will be automatically added to your wallet. Please note it might take a few days for the rewards to reflect in your account after your friends’ registration.

Q: Can I earn rewards without referring friends?

A: Yes, TikTok Shop provides many other ways to earn rewards, like creating store wishlists, writing reviews, etc. But inviting friends is the easiest way to maximize earnings.

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