Who is the Winner of TikTok Shop Summit 2023 in Malaysia?

TikTok Shop is increasing its support for sellers, brands, and creators on its platform by offering 100 times more subsidies. They confirmed this at their first-ever summit, celebrating all who use TikTok Shop to sell and display their creative products.

TikTok Shop First-Ever Malaysian Summit 2023

The summit took place in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur. TikTok Shop has significantly influenced e-commerce since 2022, sparking a new shopping trend that helps small and medium businesses grow. It’s a valuable tool for entrepreneurs, especially local businesses, allowing them to build a digital reputation and use creative ways to advertise their products through Shoppertainment.

TikTok Summit award

The TikTok Shop’s First-Ever Malaysian Summit was a significant milestone for the platform and Malaysia’s e-commerce industry. It not only acknowledged the impact of TikTok Shop on local businesses but also highlighted the company’s commitment to supporting its sellers, brands, and creators.

During the one-day summit held at Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, attendees gained valuable insights into Malaysia’s current and future e-commerce landscape. The summit featured various sessions and discussions, covering topics such as the power of social commerce, digital marketing strategies, and the role of data analytics in driving sales.

One of the main highlights of the summit was TikTok Shop’s announcement to offer 100 times more subsidies to its sellers, brands, and creators.

TikTok Shop eagerly anticipates the influx of entrepreneurs ready to embark on their e-commerce voyage via the platform. They are also gearing up to extend a variety of marketing and promotional assistance to vendors in the fourth quarter of 2023, such as:

  • Shop Tab – From October to December 2023, TikTok Shop provides sellers with product subsidies and a 0% commission subsidy for completed purchases via the Shop Tab. The Shop Tab allows businesses to share their product recommendations via product listings and shoppable content. Sellers will be eligible for the 0% commission subsidy in the event that shoppers enter the Shop Tab and purchase items from them via the channel.
  • LIVE Policy – To encourage more sellers to carry out LIVE sessions to promote their products, TikTok Shop is providing them with vouchers to be given out to their audiences who tune into their LIVE selling sessions.
  • Campaign Programs – Through various campaigns held throughout the year, TikTok Shop will provide vouchers, product subsidies, and traffic pushes for sellers and brands on the platform.

Wilson Leong, who is in charge of the FMCG Category in Malaysia for TikTok Shop, said, “The TikTok Shop Summit is a big event that celebrates the effort of our sellers and creators. They have worked hard to establish their businesses and make a name for themselves on TikTok Shop. This new style of shopping combines business, creativity, and information sharing. We’re thrilled to see how sellers have expanded their businesses with TikTok Shop, helping others along the way. We look forward to seeing more businesses thrive on TikTok Shop.”

TikTok Summit 2023

Winning Hearts and Carts

The summit had a series of interesting discussions covering changes in how people shop and use media and tips on how to benefit from the trend of combining shopping with entertainment. Creators like Khairul Aming and Dearcarynn and brands like Maybelline Malaysia, Farm Fresh, Skintific Malaysia, and Alha Alfa spoke in sessions about why creating engaging content for shopping entertainment is essential. Meanwhile, TikTok Shop gave advice on the best ways to use the TikTok Shop Tab and TikTok Shop Affiliate Programmes.

Different Types of Awards

At the inaugural TikTok Shop Summit in Malaysia, several awards were given out to creators who had made significant strides over the year. Khairul Amin, who won the Inspirational Icon Award, spoke about his success with his band, Sambal Nyet. He shared how the TikTok Shop platform has merged entertainment and business in unparalleled ways, helping his brand stand out. He encouraged others interested in e-commerce to try the TikTok Shop platform and explore its limitless possibilities.

TikTok Shop has created a reliable and encouraging business community in the last year. They have built a thorough and smooth e-commerce system on the platform for this purpose. With various solutions for businesses of varying sizes and continuous training programs, TikTok Shop equips sellers with the necessary skills to excel in e-commerce. The platform thus offers complete support for the sellers to reach their maximum potential.

TikTok Shop Summit 2023 Winners

Best Performing Brand

  • Fashion Category
    • ZUCCA
    • Zeke Fashion
  • Electronics Category
    • Gaabor
    • Swiss Thomas
    • 70mai
  • Lifestyle Category
    • Dessini
    • Elgini
    • Keelat Power Tools
  • FMCG Category
    • Skintific Malaysia
    • Cosrx
    • Farm Fresh

Best Rising Star

  • Fashion Category
    • Jie’s
    • Christy Ng
    • Precious Handbag
    • KM Fashion
  • Electronics Category
    • realme
    • PerySmith
    • Baseus Malaysia
    • Infinix
    • AllGoodthings
  • Lifestyle Category
    • KKBS Curtain
    • Bottol Garage
    • Kedai Bookcafe
    • Wooddle
    • Yanasen Lifestyle
  • FMCG Category
    • Beauty of Joseon
    • Alhaalfa Cosmetics
    • Mr Bentong Hafiz Oon
    • Simba Pet Shop
    • Datin Lyanaz Hassan

Best Performing Creator

  • Affiliate Creator
    • @anaszahrin
    • @tangsiewsiang
    • @vicky.littlewolf
    • @dapur_mahir
    • @dearcarynn
    • @moncherilive
    • @datoserividaofficial
    • @tulippetals
    • @nynabukater
    • @watermummy_oe

Best Performing TikTok Shop Partner

  • Fashion Category
    • Store N Go
  • Electronics Category
    • Ecommerce Ninja
  • Lifestyle Category
    • Total Marketing
  • FMCG Category
    • Momentum Commerce

Best Performing Multi-Channel Network

  • Gim Media
  • Ultra Moon
  • Dome Sky Technology

Best Marketing Partner

  • Maybelline

Inspirational Icon

  • Khairulamingbrand

Best Collaborative Partner

  • MDEC

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