TikTok Shop Can’t Deliver to Your Region: What Should You Need to Do

Lots of people love TikTok Shop. It’s a great place to find cool items and chat with companies. But we’ve noticed some people can’t see TikTok Shop on their app. Don’t worry; we’ve got some tips to fix this. Here’s why you might not be seeing TikTok Shop on your app.

Why TikTok Shop is not Available in My Country?

We see this mainly because the feature is still new and hasn’t been rolled out everywhere. It’s being tested in different regions one at a time. This approach is not uncommon; many platforms do this. If you recall, we had similar questions about Google’s Web stories. Even after 2 years, all countries haven’t implemented that feature.

Introducing new features like this is a marketing strategy to pique people’s interest. Also, some countries may not have access due to local business laws or restrictions. But I don’t believe this is the main reason. One possible explanation for the slow rollout could be that TikTok cautiously ensures the feature complies with all local laws and regulations. TikTok must carefully navigate different legal landscapes and cultural sensitivities as an international platform.

In addition, launching a new feature worldwide at once can also put a strain on the platform’s infrastructure. If you live in a country where TikTok Shop is operating and cannot use TikTok Shop, there may be many reasons.

Different Ways to Fix “TikTok Shop Can’t Deliver to Your Region” 

Encountering issues while accessing TikTok’s shop feature within your region? A solution may lie in a few simple steps: updating your TikTok application, enabling the TikTok shop on your account, adjusting your region settings, or reaching out directly to the TikTok support team. Here are the specifics,

Enable TikTok Shop on Your Account

Upon updating your TikTok account, you gain access to TikTok Shop. To accomplish this:

Tiktok business account is required for TikTok Shop. Further, to initiate the process of opening a TikTok Shop on your business profile, having a minimum of 1000 followers is essential. This is a prerequisite for being able to sell on TikTok’s platform. Shop feature on TikTok is accessible to all buyers, provided it’s available in their respective countries.

For creators, using this feature necessitates having a public and business TikTok account; otherwise, it remains inaccessible. It’s also crucial to be at least 18 years old and have a registered email address on your TikTok account for communication purposes. This can be accomplished under the ‘account information’ section.

It is also necessary for you to have 1000 followers on your TikTok business account. If it is all set then you can access the TikTok shop. Tap on three lines icon >> “Creator tools” >> scroll down to see options tiktok shop for creators and resellers.

Enable TikTok Shop on Your Account

Now you can choose the business suite option where you will find many different options.

tiktok shop is not available

Then Click on creative hub to see videos in tiktok sop. Here you can find trending hashtags and sounds for business videos.

Try changing your region

You can solve this issue if Tiktok Shop is not working in your region.

  • Tap on “Settings and privacy”
  • Tap on “Privacy” option
  • Under the privacy tab you have to tap on “Location services”
Try changing your region for TikTok Shop
  • Now tap on “device settings”
  • Click on “App permissions”
  • Here you have to open the location and set it to “Don’t allow”.
  • Now go back and tap on location history. And tap on “delete” to delete it.
  • Now open your settings on phone and go to the additional settings option. 
TikTok Shop
  • Here you have to click on region
  • Select your country to the UK ,USA, Indonesia, Thiland, China.

Submit a Request to Tiktok Support Center

If all these tricks are not working, Then you can submit a request to TikTok Support team to resolve this issue.

  • For this, go to settings on tiktok
  • Tap on settings and privacy option
  • Click on report a problem
TikTok shop is not delivering in your region
  • Scroll down and tab on submit a report
  • Enter your problem here like “I am unable to locate the tiktok shop option,” and tap on submit the report.

Why TikTok Region Change is not Working?

There are many reasons that need consideration when discussing location settings on TikTok. Primarily, TikTok leverages your GPS location, IP address, and SIM card information to determine your location. To alter this, you should first deactivate the location feature on TikTok and adjust the region settings on your device, as discussed earlier. Secondly, you must connect to a VPN server based in the desired region. Lastly, these changes will not take effect unless you modify your SIM card usage.

The TikTok Account and Shop Location are not the Same

This means that the country where your TikTok shop is located differs from where your account is registered. To correctly set up your TikTok shop region, your device’s IP address, SIM card, and GPS location should all correspond to the same region. By doing this, you can avoid receiving such messages.

Product not Available in this country TikTok Shop

When browsing through videos on TikTok Shop, it’s typical to encounter a message indicating that product details are inaccessible if you’re situated in a different country. For instance, I had this experience while exploring TikTok Shop videos for the UK, despite not being physically present there. Essentially, this message signifies that the specifics of products cannot be retrieved if you are browsing from a distant location.

This happens when you are living in far away from the seller or merchant location, so that’s why that product is not available in your region in Tiktokshop.

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