How to Track Etsy Orders with Order Number

If you’ve made a purchase on Etsy and are eager to track it, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. Whether you’re anticipating the arrival of a one-of-a-kind handmade item or a special vintage piece, keeping tabs on your order is just a few clicks away.

To start tracking your Etsy purchase using the order number, simply log into your Etsy account and head to the Purchases section. Here, you can check your order’s current status. Additionally, if the seller has given a tracking number, you can access it by clicking on the “View Receipt” option adjacent to your specific order. This enables you to monitor your item’s journey via the shipping carrier, ensuring you’re informed every step of the way.

Understanding Your Etsy Order Number

Your Etsy order number is a unique identifier assigned to each purchase you make on the platform. It plays a crucial role in managing and tracking your orders. Here’s a breakdown of what it is and how it works:

  1. Unique Identifier: Each order you place on Etsy is given a distinct order number. This number is exclusive to your purchase and differs from any other order on the site.
  2. Tracking and Communication: The order number is used for tracking the progress of your order and serves as a reference in any communication with the seller or Etsy support. It helps in quickly locating your order details in the system.
  3. Order Details: Your order number contains information about the specific items you purchased, the date of the transaction, and the seller’s details. It’s a way to keep a record of what was bought and when.
  4. Privacy and Security: Using an order number instead of personal details (like your name or address) helps maintain your privacy and security, especially when inquiring about your order publicly, like on Etsy forums or in reviews.
  5. Where to Find It: You can find your Etsy order number in the confirmation email sent to you after making a purchase. It’s also available in your Etsy account under the Purchases section.

Remember, the order number is a key tool for managing your purchases on Etsy, especially for tracking shipments, handling disputes, or discussing orders with sellers. Keep it handy for a smooth and informed shopping experience.

How to Track Your Order

Step-by-Step Guide to Tracking Your Etsy Order

  1. Log into Your Etsy Account: Start by visiting Etsy’s website. Enter your username and password to log in. If you don’t remember your password, use the password reset feature.
  2. Navigate to ‘Purchases and Reviews’: Once logged in, click on your profile icon usually located at the top right corner of the page. From the dropdown menu, select ‘Purchases and Reviews’. This will take you to a page listing all your Etsy purchases.
  3. Locate Your Order: Scroll through your list of purchases until you find the order you want to track. Orders are typically listed in chronological order, with the most recent purchase at the top.
  4. Find the Tracking Information: Click on the order to view its details. If the seller has shipped the item and provided tracking information, you will see a tracking number and a link to track your package. Click on this link to view the current shipping status of your order on the carrier’s website.

Tips for When There’s No Tracking Information

  • Check the Shipping Policy: Some items may not come with tracking, especially if they are small or shipped via standard mail. Review the item’s shipping policy on the Etsy listing for more details.
  • Contact the Seller: If there’s no tracking information and you’re concerned about your order’s status, reach out to the seller directly. You can do this through Etsy by clicking on the ‘Contact the shop’ button on the order page.
  • Consider Processing Time: Remember that some handmade or custom items may have longer processing times before shipping. Check the estimated delivery date provided by the seller for a better idea of when to expect your order.
  • Check Your Email: Sometimes, sellers send tracking information or updates directly to your email. Make sure to check your inbox (and spam folder) for any communication from the seller.
  • Etsy Support: If you’ve contacted the seller and still haven’t received a response or satisfactory information, you can reach out to Etsy’s customer support for further assistance.

Remember, most Etsy sellers are keen to ensure a good customer experience, so don’t hesitate to communicate with them if you have any concerns about your order.

Common Tracking Issues on Etsy and Their Solutions

Tracking Number Not Updating

Issue: Sometimes, the tracking information doesn’t update for several days, leaving you uncertain about the whereabouts of your package.


  • Patience is Key: Initially, give it some time. Carriers might take a few days to update the tracking status.
  • Contact the Seller: If the status remains unchanged for an unusually long time, reach out to the seller for clarification.
  • Check with the Carrier: Sometimes, getting information directly from the carrier can be helpful.

Order Marked as Delivered But Not Received

Issue: The tracking shows your order as delivered, but you haven’t received it.


  • Verify the Delivery Address: First, confirm that the correct address was provided for the order.
  • Check Around Your Property: Sometimes, carriers leave packages in hidden spots for safety. Check around your doorstep, porch, or with neighbors.
  • Wait a Day or Two: Occasionally, carriers mark an item as delivered before it arrives. It might show up in the next day or two.
  • Contact the Carrier: Inquire with the carrier about the delivery details. They might have additional information on the package’s location.
  • Reach Out to the Seller: Inform the seller about the situation. They might offer a solution or help in investigating with the carrier.
  • File a Claim: If the package is deemed lost, you may need to file a claim with the carrier or, in some cases, with Etsy.

General Tips for Resolving Tracking Issues

  • Keep Communication Records: When dealing with tracking issues, keep a record of all communications with the seller and the carrier.
  • Understand Seller Policies: Be aware of the seller’s policies regarding lost or delayed shipments.
  • Use Etsy’s Help System: Etsy assists with issues between buyers and sellers. Utilize their help center if you’re not getting a resolution.

Next Steps

  • Follow Up Regularly: If you’re awaiting a response from the seller or the carrier, follow up regularly.
  • Consider Leaving Feedback: After resolving your issue, consider leaving feedback on the seller’s page to inform other buyers of your experience.

Remember, most Etsy sellers are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, and they will usually be willing to help resolve any issues with your order’s delivery.

Tips for a Smooth Etsy Purchase Experience

Read Shop Policies Carefully

  • Why It’s Important: Each Etsy shop operates independently with its own set of policies regarding shipping, returns, exchanges, and custom orders. Understanding these policies helps set realistic expectations and avoid surprises.
  • What to Do: Before making a purchase, take the time to read the shop’s policies. This section is usually found on the shop’s main page.

Check Reexaminations and Ratings

  • Why It’s Important: Reviews and ratings provide insights into the experiences of previous customers. They can give you an idea of the seller’s reliability, product quality, and customer service.
  • What to Do: Look through the reviews of both the product you’re interested in and the shop in general. Pay attention to comments about product quality, shipping times, and how the seller handles customer service issues.

Effective Communication with Sellers

  • Why It’s Important: Clear communication with sellers can clarify expectations, lead to a better understanding of product specifications, and help manage any potential issues regarding shipping and handling times.
  • What to Do: If you have questions or specific requests, message the seller before purchasing. Be clear and concise in your communication. After placing an order, keep an eye on your Etsy inbox in case the seller needs to reach out to you.

Understand Shipping and Handling Times

  • Why It’s Important: Shipping and handling times can vary greatly on Etsy, especially for made-to-order or custom items.
  • What to Do: Check the estimated shipping and handling times listed on the product page. Remember that these are estimates and can vary, especially during busy periods like holidays.

Be Aware of Custom Duties and Taxes

  • Why It’s Important: Orders shipped internationally may be subject to customs duties and taxes which can affect the total cost and delivery time.
  • What to Do: Research and understand potential extra costs and delays. This information is often mentioned in the shop’s policies or can be clarified by contacting the seller.

Use Etsy’s Resources

  • Why It’s Important: Etsy offers various resources to help buyers understand how to use the platform and resolve issues.
  • What to Do: Familiarize yourself with Etsy’s help sections and user guides. These resources can be invaluable, especially if you’re new to Etsy or encounter any issues with your order.

Plan for Custom or Handmade Items

  • Why It’s Important: Custom or handmade items often take longer to create and ship.
  • What to Do: Order well in advance if you need the item by a specific date. Communicate with the seller about any deadlines.

Regularly Check Your Etsy Account

  • Why It’s Important: Important updates or communications from the seller or Etsy will appear in your Etsy account.
  • What to Do: Log in regularly, especially after making a purchase, to check for any updates or messages.

By following these tips, you can enhance your Etsy shopping experience, making it smoother and more enjoyable. Remember, a significant part of the Etsy experience is the unique and personal interaction with independent sellers and craftsmen.

Alternative Ways to Get Help on Etsy

Contacting Etsy Support

  • When to Use: If you need direct assistance from Etsy, especially for issues related to your account, billing, or site-wide policies.
  • How to Contact:
    • Via Etsy Help Center: Visit Etsy’s Help Center on their website. You can find articles and FAQs addressing common issues.
    • Direct Contact: For more specific queries, look for the ‘Contact Us’ option in the Help Center. You may need to navigate through some automated suggestions first.
    • Email or Live Chat: Depending on the nature of your issue, Etsy may offer email or live chat options. Availability can vary by region and issue type.

Using Etsy’s Community Forums

  • When to Use: For advice, shared experiences, or non-urgent issues. The forums are a great place to learn from other buyers and sellers.
  • How to Leverage:
    • Search Existing Threads: Many common issues have already been discussed. Use the search function to find relevant threads.
    • Post Your Question: If you can’t find an answer, create a new post with your question. Be clear and concise for better responses.
    • Engage with Responses: Engage constructively with those who reply to your post. The community can provide valuable insights based on a wide range of experiences.

Opening a Case with Etsy for Unresolved Issues

  • When to Use: If you’ve tried resolving an issue with the seller and haven’t reached a satisfactory conclusion, or if you received an item that was not as described.
  • How to Open a Case:
    • Wait for Eligibility: You must wait until a certain period after your estimated delivery date to open a case. Check Etsy’s policies for the exact time frame.
    • Go to ‘Purchases and Reviews’: Find the order in question and look for an option to ‘Report a problem with this order’ or ‘Open a case’.
    • Fill Out the Form: Provide a detailed description of your issue, including any attempts to resolve it with the seller.
    • Submit and Follow-Up: After submitting your case, monitor it closely. Etsy’s case resolution team will mediate between you and the seller to find a solution.

General Advice

  • Document Everything: Keep a record of all your communications with the seller and any evidence related to your issue (like photos of received items if they’re not as described).
  • Be Patient and Polite: The resolution process can take time. Maintaining a polite and cooperative tone can often lead to a more favorable outcome.
  • Understand Etsy’s Policies: Familiarize yourself with Etsy’s policies regarding disputes and resolutions. This knowledge can help you better navigate the process.

By utilizing these channels, you can effectively seek and receive assistance for a range of issues you might encounter on Etsy.

Final Words

In conclusion, shopping on Etsy offers a unique and personalized experience, connecting you with independent sellers and artisans from around the world. While this platform provides a vast array of unique, handmade, and vintage items, it’s important to navigate it with awareness.

By understanding Etsy’s policies, effectively communicating with sellers, and knowing how to leverage the support and resources available, you can greatly enhance your shopping experience. Remember, whether you’re resolving an issue or just seeking advice, patience and clear communication are key. Enjoy the distinct and diverse offerings on Etsy, and rest assured that support and assistance are available whenever you need them. Happy shopping!


How do I find my Etsy order number?

Check your order confirmation email or go to ‘Purchases and Reviews’ in your Etsy account.

Can I track my Etsy order without an account?

Tracking without an account is not possible; you need to log in to view order details and tracking info.

What should I do if my Etsy order doesn’t have a tracking number?

Contact the seller for updates and check the estimated delivery date in your order details.

How long does it take for an Etsy order to ship?

Shipping times vary by seller and product; check the item’s listing or receipt for estimated shipping dates.

Can I track an international Etsy order?

Yes, if the seller provides a tracking number, international orders can be tracked similarly to domestic orders.

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