How to Remove Google Accounts on TikTok Shop?

How to Remove Google Accounts on TikTok Shop? TikTok Shop is a popular shopping platform that allows users to easily browse and purchase products being sold directly from creators. One of the features of TikTok Shop is the ability to log in using your Google account. This enables a smoother shopping experience as your details and preferences can be synced across devices.

There may be instances when you need to disassociate your Google account from TikTok Shop. Deleting your Google account from the platform is simple and can be accomplished in a few easy steps. In this exhaustive guide, we intend to guide you meticulously through severing the link between your Google account and TikTok Shop.

Reasons to Remove Google Account from TikTok Shop

There may be several instances where you might want to disassociate your Google account from TikTok Shop. Let’s explore some of these reasons:

Stop Syncing Data Across Devices

When a Google account is associated with TikTok Shop, information such as your purchasing habits, browsing history, and payment details are shared across any device where you access TikTok Shop. If you wish to limit this data sharing and confine your TikTok Shop data to the application alone, it’s essential to disconnect your Google account.

Start Fresh

In case you’ve been utilizing TikTok Shop for personal purchasing and your Google account for professional tasks, disconnecting them is beneficial in maintaining the privacy of your shopping activities. For a fresh start with TikTok Shop, eliminating any lingering outdated preferences or payment details, it’s advisable to remove and then re-add your Google account. This process effectively resets your experience within the application, providing a clean slate from which to work.

Resolving Problems

When it comes to resolving issues related to removing Google Accounts on TikTok Shop, there are a few steps to follow. These steps are designed to simplify the process and ensure a smooth transition. Please remember that this guide is to be used purely for informative purposes.

Setting Up a Fresh Account

Before you can remove your Google Account from TikTok Shop, it’s crucial first to have an alternative account set up. This ensures a seamless transition, allowing you to maintain access to your shop’s features without interruptions.

How to Unlink Google Account from TikTok Shop?

Having understood the reasons for wanting to disconnect your Google account from TikTok Shop, we’ll now move on to a comprehensive guide detailing the process to do so:

Open TIKTok Shop

  • Initiate the TikTok Shop application on your preferred gadget. This could be your smartphone, your tablet, or even through your web browser when accessing the TikTok Shop.

Go to Profile

  • To access your TikTok Shop profile page, locate the profile symbol typically represented by your initials or a pre-set avatar image on the lower-most toolbar and select it.

Tap on Settings

  • Navigate to your profile and locate the ‘Settings’ option, typically found in the top right corner for iOS users and top left for Android users.

Tap on Manage Accounts

  • Once you’re in the Settings menu, select ‘Manage Accounts.’ If you’re using an iOS device, it’s necessary to first tap on your email ID before you see the ‘Manage Accounts’ option.

Select Google Account

  • On the Manage Accounts page, you will see the Google account linked to your TikTok Shop profile. Tap on it.

Tap Remove Account

  • This will open a pop-up confirming you want to remove the Google account from TikTok Shop. Tap on ‘Remove’ to confirm.

Check Account Removed

  • You will get a confirmation that the Google account has been removed. Return to the Manage Accounts page to confirm the Google account is no longer listed there.

And that’s it! Your Google account is now successfully unlinked from your TikTok app. The process is very similar whether you are on iOS or Android. The key steps are accessing your account settings, navigating to account management, and removing the Google account.

What Happens When Google Account is Removed?

Now that you’ve removed your Google account from TikTok Shop, you may be wondering – what exactly changes within my TikTok Shop app? Here are the key impacts:

  • Loss of saved preferences – Any preferences like your browsing history, favorite items, shipping addresses etc, that were synced via your Google account will be lost on TikTok Shop once you unlink the account.
  • End-to-cross-device syncing – You will no longer be able to access your TikTok Shop account data on other devices. Your TikTok Shop profile is now restricted to the device you removed the Google account from.
  • Automatic logouts – Removing an account you use to log in to TikTok Shop will log you out automatically. You must set up a new login method, like using your email ID or phone number.
  • Inability to use Google Pay – If you had Google Pay set up on TikTok Shop for faster checkouts, removing your Google account means you can no longer use Google Pay. You have to set up a payment method again.

So, in summary, removing your Google account disconnects TikTok Shop from broader Google services and contains your profile and data within TikTok Shop only on that device. You lose cross-device access and syncing abilities.

Adding a Google Account Back to TikTok Shop

Should you wish to re-associate your Google account with TikTok Shop at a later date, the process is straightforward. Here are the steps to guide you through it:

Go to Profile > Settings > Manage Accounts

Like before, access your TikTok Shop account settings and open the Manage Accounts page.

Tap on Add Account

On the Manage Accounts screen, tap on ‘Add Account’.

Choose Google

  • You will see a list of account types you can add. Choose ‘Google’.

Enter Google Credentials

  • On the next screen, enter your Google email ID and password when prompted to log in.

Allow Access

  • Google will ask you to grant TikTok Shop access to your Google profile and data. Tap ‘Allow’ to approve this.

And that’s it! Your Google account will be linked again to your TikTok Shop profile. Within a few minutes, you should see access to Google Pay restore and your account preferences/data sync across any devices where you use TikTok Shop.

Re-adding your Google account is quick and painless. Head to account management within TikTok Shop and tap through the Google login process. Grant the requested data access permissions, and your account will be connected.

Common TikTok Shop Account Linking Issues

Linking your Google account to TikTok Shop typically happens without a hitch. However, some users may encounter challenges in the process. For such instances, the following troubleshooting guide can help you overcome the common issues related to account linking on TikTok Shop:

  • Google login errors – If you face difficulties while inputting your Google login details, first ensure your internet connection is stable. You can also try to directly log into from your browser to verify the accuracy of your credentials.
  • Data synchronization issues – After linking your account, allow some time for data to sync across your devices. If your favorites or preferences are still missing, consider unlinking and re-adding your Google account.
  • Previous account constantly links – TikTok Shop might continually link to a removed account if you are still logged into that Google ID on your device. It’s advisable to log out of that Google account on your device before you try to re-establish the link.
  • Inability to remove account – At times, the Remove or Unlink option might be missing from the TikTok Shop account management menu. If this occurs, force quit the TikTok Shop app and restart it.
  • Loss of login method – If you remove an account and cannot log back in, consider adding an alternate login method such as your email, phone number, or Facebook account. Password reset emails might also assist in regaining access.

Experiencing issues while connecting your Google account to TikTok Shop can be irksome, but these troubleshooting steps should help resolve most problems so you can return to enjoying your shopping experience.

Final Words

TikTok Shop makes it easy to link your Google account to enable handy features like saved preferences and Google Pay. But if you ever need to remove your Google account from TikTok Shop, the process is straightforward within the account management settings.

Simply access the account menu, select the Google account, and tap to unlink it. You can always re-add it the same way by logging in again and granting permission. With this guide, you should feel confident managing your Google account linkage within TikTok Shop.

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