How to Pay with Affirm on TikTok Shop 2023

How to Pay with Affirm on TikTok Shop? TikTok Shop is an online marketplace that offers great deals on a variety of products. One of the payment options on TikTok Shop is Affirm, which allows you to split your purchase into biweekly or monthly payments.

Affirm is a financing option that works similarly to a loan – you receive the product upfront and pay it off over time. Using Affirm on TikTok Shop can be a convenient way to pay for larger purchases without paying the full amount upfront. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about using Affirm on TikTok Shop, from eligibility requirements to the steps for checkout.

Interesting Things Need to Know  About Affirm Loans

  • No extra charges – You won’t have to pay any interest on your loan
  • Transparent interest – There are no complex calculations or hidden charges
  • Quick online process – You’ll find out if you qualify for the loan right away when you check out
  • Flexible repayment periods – You can pay over a span of 3, 6, or 12 months
  • No penalties for late payments – Your payment plan will always stay the same
  • Improve your credit score – If you make your payments on time, it will be reported to credit reporting agencies

Affirm Eligibility Requirements

To proceed with using Affirm for payment on TikTok Shop, there are certain necessary eligibility criteria that you must fulfill to qualify for finance. Let’s take a look at these essential conditions:

  • Possess an active bank account or a functional debit card
  • Satisfy the minimum credit prerequisites, which are determined based on a preliminary credit evaluation

Affirm conducts a non-invasive credit check that doesn’t impact your credit score to ascertain your eligibility. By assessing variables, including your income and credit history, among others, they determine if you qualify. Provided you fulfill these prerequisites, there’s a high likelihood of approval. However, it’s essential to understand that approval amounts can differ.

Those with outstanding credit records could be eligible for 0% APR financing up to their credit limit. On the other hand, if your credit profile is fair or limited, a deposit or a larger down payment might be necessary. Affirm aims to present clear loan terms in advance, enabling you to make a well-informed buying decision.

How to Check Out with Affirm on TikTok Shop:

Using Affirm on TikTok Shop is straightforward – integrated into the checkout process. Just follow these steps.

Add Items to Cart:

Browse TikTok Shop and add items to your cart as usual. Keep in mind Affirm has a minimum purchase amount of $50. When you’re ready to check out, proceed to view your cart.

Select Affirm at Checkout:

Select Affirm as your payment method from the options on the checkout page. Make sure the purchase amount totals $50 or more to use Affirm.

Enter Information:

You’ll be prompted to enter basic personal information like your name, date of birth, address, phone number, and last 4 digits of your social security number. This is used to confirm your identity and run a soft credit check.

Select Loan Terms:

You’ll be presented with available Affirm loan terms for your purchase amount. Depending on the total, you can choose between 3, 6, and 12-month installment plans. Select your preferred term length.

Provide Income Information:

To confirm your eligibility, you’ll need to enter your income information. This helps verify you can repay the loan.

Accept Loan Terms:

Review the loan terms, including the installment amounts, payment dates, total cost, APR, and payment schedule. Check the box to accept the terms and continue.

Complete Order:

Place your order as normal by entering shipping details and payment. Affirm will appear as the payment method. Congrats, your purchase is complete!

It typically takes just minutes to complete the Affirm process on TikTok Shop. You should receive an instant loan decision if you provide accurate information.

Costs and Payment Details

Using Affirm to finance your purchase allows you to divide your repayments into monthly or biweekly installments over a decided term. Below are some important details regarding the costs and payment process:

  • No late fees – Affirm won’t charge late fees if you miss payments. However, it may impact loan eligibility in the future.
  • No interest – Affirm charges 0% APR on their loans. You only repay the item’s purchase amount.
  • Installment amounts – Your total is divided by the 3, 6, or 12-month term to determine the regular installment amounts.
  • Payment dates – Payments are due every other week or monthly, depending on your plan.
  • Payment methods – Affirm installments can be paid via bank transfer, debit card, or Apple/Google Pay.
  • Early repayment – You can pay off your full balance early with no prepayment penalty.

After finalizing your purchase, Affirm will email you your loan’s specifics. This includes the repayment schedule, the amount for each payment, and the dates on which these payments are due. You can view these details anytime by visiting your Affirm account dashboard online.

How to Use Affirm Responsibly?

Affirm facilitates manageable payments for your purchases, but using this service wisely is crucial. Here are some recommendations on how to responsibly utilize Affirm.

  • Only take on financial obligations that align with your budget and income capabilities.
  • Scrutinize the repayment details meticulously, ensuring you know the installment amounts and due dates fully.
  • Adhere to the payment schedule, avoiding any late fees or negative impacts on your credit rating. Implement payment alerts if necessary.
  • Refrain from using Affirm for purchases that aren’t essential or are simply impulsive. Affirm should be seen as a budgeting tool, not an excuse for excessive spending.
  • If feasible, settle the loan earlier than the stipulated timeline. Affirm doesn’t charge any fees for early repayment.
  • If you encounter economic challenges or require modification in terms, don’t hesitate to contact Affirm’s customer service.
  • Utilizing Affirm necessitates financial conscientiousness. If you are mindful of costs and honor the repayment plan, Affirm could be a more viable alternative than high-interest credit cards or other financing options for major purchases.

Important Thing Needs to Know Using Affirm on TikTok


Here are some tips to make the most of using Affirm when shopping on TikTok Shop:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Affirm terms at the top of the Tiktok Shop site to better understand the eligibility and checkout process.
  • Ensure you add several eligible products to your cart to reach the minimum purchase amount of $50+.
  • Opt for the longest repayment plan that suits your financial capacity to make installments as minimal as possible.
  • Providing precise personal and income data significantly boosts your chances for approval.
  • Before proceeding with your application, use Affirm’s prequalification feature to estimate the loan amount you could receive.
  • Lower your purchase totals using Tiktok Shop coupons, promotional codes, or RetailMeNot deals.
  • Register for Affirm’s email or text reminders to avoid missing any installment payments.
  • By downloading the Affirm application, you can easily manage your account, monitor payment activities, and alter payment methods.
  • In case of any queries or problems, get in touch with Affirm’s customer support via their website’s live chat feature.

Final Words

Paying with Affirm on TikTok Shop can make procuring high-priced items more manageable by distributing payments over a set period. It’s critical to only borrow within your budget, select terms you can comfortably afford, ensure prompt payment, and use Affirm primarily for necessary purchases instead of luxury wants. Affirm presents a convenient financing alternative when used sensibly, but it’s imperative to comprehensively understand all the terms before proceeding. But one thing you keep in mind some sellers do not approve of Affirm in their shops on TikTok.


Q: How do you use Affirm on a TikTok shop?

  1. Fill out your cart, then select Affirm at checkout.
  2. Enter your mobile number, then select Continue.
  3. You’ll be prompted to create an account if it’s your first time applying.
  4. Enter the 4-digit verification code texted to your phone.
  5. See whether you’re approved for your purchase.

Q: Can I use Affirm to pay?

A: The approved amount is placed onto a virtual Visa card upon approval for an Affirm loan. This card is intended for one-time use at a merchant of your preference, whether it’s an online or physical store. The Affirm Visa virtual card is widely acceptable; any merchant that takes Visa cards typically accepts this virtual card as a valid payment method.

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