How Many Ways You Can Sell on TikTok Shop

TikTok is a growing platform for creators, Who can show their talent to the world and earn some good money through videos. But after some time TikTok introduced its new feature called TikTok Shop. This new feature was introduced in some countries for testing. But this testing is going with great success. Now they are thinking of expanding this feature all around the globe. Where people sell and buy their favorite products.

Different Ways to Sell Products on Tiktok Shop

There are multiple ways to sell these products on TikTok Shop. In this blog, I will explain all these methods by following them you can increase your sales of products in TikTok Shop. These are different methods you need to be careful and also make sure about your product market. Because some products are getting deals in videos like beauty products and some products will show results in live shopping features. It all depends on your niche of product.

Live shopping

In this way when you go live on TikTok you pin the link of products and also you can add a basket icon to your live video session. In this way, people will click on the link and basket go through your products, and buy according to their needs. For this, you have to create a completely relevant audience so that people will trust your reviews and live sessions. In this way, you can sell your products on TikTok.

Live shopping

Shoppable videos

In this way, sellers create shoppable videos, These videos come on your news feeds according to your search history. These videos have many products, By clicking on these products you can easily purchase your desired product and you can save the product on your bucket after surfing you can compare the price of the selected product with other sellers on TikTok and then finalize the purchase step. This is the best way to sell products on TikTok and it generates more sales as compared to other methods.

Shoppable videos

Product Showcase

In this way of shopping on TikTok people can easily approach your TikTok Shop, see all your listing of products, and buy from them. After buying a product they can review the experience this is the best way to get more visitors if you have positive reviews of your selling products on your Tiktok Shop.

Product Showcase

Final Words

In this blog, I explained completely different ways of selling products on Your TikTok platform and TikTok Shop. If you have any queries kindly let me know I will be happy to explain your query.


Q: How do I increase sales on TikTok?

A: Set up Shopify access. If you want to sell merchandise on TikTok, setting up your Shopify access is the best option. Spend on TikTok ads, Hire and partner with influencers, Use proper and trading hashtags, and Understand your audience.

Q: How to return your product if you don’t like the quality from TikTok Shop?

A: If you don’t like the product and it is not what you want, you need to communicate with the seller or merchant from TikTok Shop. Following the seller’s approval of a return request, it is incumbent upon the customer to upload all essential logistics data within a five-day window. This is a vital aspect of the return process. Additionally, customers are tasked with confirming that the item enclosed for return is both the correct item and is complete in its entirety.

Q: Is it Fake or Real all products on TikTok Shop?

A: Well all products in the TokTok shop are real and also checked by the TikTok authority after the approval, sellers are allowed to sell things on the TikTok marketplace. But you need to make sure and read all the reviews about the products on Tiktok Shop before buying.

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