7 Eleven Crocs: How Do I Get and Price Review

7 eleven crocs Introduction

The collaboration between 7-Eleven and Crocs is a unique and exciting partnership that brings together two widely recognized and beloved brands. This collaboration represents a fusion of 7-Eleven’s iconic convenience store identity with the comfort and style of Crocs footwear.

The resulting product is expected to capture the essence of both brands, offering a fun and distinctive fashion statement for fans of either or both companies. This collaboration is an example of how diverse brands can come together to create something unexpected and appealing to a wide range of consumers.

7-Eleven and Crocs are both iconic in their respective fields, with 7-Eleven being a staple in the convenience store industry and Crocs renowned for its unique and comfortable footwear. The collaboration between these two popular brands brings a novel twist, merging the ubiquitous presence of 7-Eleven with the distinctive style and comfort of Crocs.

This partnership taps into the growing trend of fashion-forward collaborations and is likely to appeal to a broad audience, combining 7-Eleven’s widespread appeal with Crocs’ reputation for innovation in footwear. This collaboration is a testament to the power of brand synergy, creating a product that is both unique and familiar.

Brief history of 7-Eleven and Crocs

  1. Origins: 7-Eleven’s history dates back to 1927 in Dallas, Texas. It began as an ice company, and the original proprietor, Joe C. Thompson, started selling milk, bread, and eggs from an ice dock. This convenience was a novel concept at the time.
  2. Name Change and Expansion: The chain was initially known as Tote’m Stores but was renamed 7-Eleven in 1946 to reflect its then-unusual hours of operation, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. This was a significant shift from the typical retail store hours, highlighting its commitment to convenience.
  3. Innovation in Convenience Retailing: 7-Eleven is credited with several firsts in the industry, such as being the first convenience store to operate 24 hours (in 1963) and the introduction of the Slurpee in 1966, a frozen drink that became iconic.
  4. Global Expansion: Over the decades, 7-Eleven expanded globally, with stores in countries across Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. Each region’s stores often adapt to local tastes and preferences.
  5. Current Status: As of 2023, 7-Eleven is one of the world’s largest convenience store chains, with thousands of locations worldwide. It has become synonymous with quick and easy shopping for a variety of goods.

Unique Marketing Strategies of 7-Eleven & Crocs

  1. Brand Collaborations: 7-Eleven has engaged in various collaborations, often aligning with popular culture. This includes tie-ins with movies, TV shows, and gaming. For instance, they’ve had promotions linked to blockbuster movies where they offer themed products or collectibles.
  2. Innovative Products: 7-Eleven is known for introducing unique products like the Slurpee, which became a cultural icon. They often release limited-edition flavors or themed Slurpees in collaboration with other brands or events.
  3. Mobile App and Loyalty Programs: 7-Eleven has embraced digital marketing strategies, including a mobile app that offers rewards and discounts. This approach not only drives sales but also gathers valuable consumer data for personalized marketing.
  4. Community and Event Sponsorship: The brand has sponsored various community events and sports, such as marathons and local festivals, to enhance its community presence and brand recognition.
  5. Pop-Up Stores and Experiences: Occasionally, 7-Eleven creates pop-up store experiences, which might tie in with a specific event or promotion, offering a unique shopping experience that goes beyond the traditional convenience store setup.


  1. Celebrity Collaborations: Crocs has collaborated with numerous celebrities and artists like Post Malone, Justin Bieber, and Bad Bunny, creating limited-edition Crocs that often sell out quickly. These collaborations generate considerable buzz and appeal to the fan bases of these celebrities.
  2. Fashion Industry Partnerships: Collaborations with high-end fashion brands and designers, such as Balenciaga and Christopher Kane, have positioned Crocs as a fashion-forward brand, challenging its initial perception as purely functional footwear.
  3. Social Media Campaigns: Crocs has effectively utilized social media for marketing. Their #ComeAsYouAre campaign, for instance, encouraged users to celebrate their individuality, resonating well with a diverse audience.
  4. Sustainability Initiatives: Crocs has announced commitments to sustainability, including producing more environmentally friendly products. This strategy not only addresses environmental concerns but also appeals to environmentally conscious consumers.
  5. Interactive Marketing: Engaging customers through interactive marketing campaigns, such as allowing them to customize their Crocs with Jibbitz charms, has helped the brand create a more personalized experience.

Both 7-Eleven and Crocs have leveraged unique marketing strategies and collaborations to maintain relevance and appeal to a broad audience. Their ability to adapt and innovate in their marketing approaches has been key to their sustained brand success.

How I can Get 7-Eleven Crocs

if a 7-Eleven-themed Crocs collaboration exists, here are some general steps you can follow to try to get a pair:

  1. Official Websites: Check the official Crocs website and the 7-Eleven website. These are the most reliable sources of information on availability, sizes, prices, and shipping options.
  2. Retail Stores: Visit physical retail stores that stock Crocs. Sometimes exclusive collaborations are available in select stores.
  3. Online Retailers: Look at online marketplaces and retailers like Amazon, eBay, or specialized shoe stores. Be cautious of authenticity when purchasing from third-party sellers.
  4. Social Media and Newsletters: Follow Crocs and 7-Eleven on social media platforms for updates on new releases or restocks. Signing up for their newsletters can also be a good way to get timely information.
  5. Set Alerts: Some shopping websites allow you to set alerts for specific products. Utilize this feature to get notified when the 7-Eleven Crocs become available.
  6. Limited Edition Release Strategies: Be aware that limited edition items can sell out quickly. Sometimes, they are released at a specific time, so being ready to purchase right when they go on sale is crucial.
  7. Resale Markets: If the item is sold out, you might find it on resale platforms. However, be prepared for potentially higher prices due to the reseller market’s demand and rarity factors.

Remember, the availability of such a specific item can vary based on region and time, so keeping an eye on multiple sources and being proactive in your search is key.

7 eleven Crocs Signature Colors

  1. 7-Eleven Signature Colors:
    • Green and Orange: These are the primary colors of the 7-Eleven logo. A pair of Crocs featuring a bold green base with orange accents (or vice versa) could strongly represent the brand.
    • Red Accents: Incorporating red highlights or patterns could add a dynamic contrast, as red is also a part of 7-Eleven’s color scheme.
  2. Slurpee-Inspired Designs:
    • Blue and Pink: Inspired by popular Slurpee flavors, a cool blue or vibrant pink could capture the fun aspect of the brand.
    • Translucent or Icy Effects: Playing on the icy nature of Slurpees, a translucent material or an icy-looking finish could make the Crocs visually unique.
  3. Convenience Store Themes:
    • Black with Colorful Product Icons: A black base with colorful icons representing various products found in a 7-Eleven store (like coffee cups, hot dogs, etc.) could be both stylish and thematic.
  4. Neon Night Styles:
    • Neon Yellow and Electric Blue: Reflecting the bright neon lights often associated with convenience stores at night, these colors could create a vibrant, eye-catching design.
  5. Retro 7-Eleven Look:
    • Vintage Color Palette: Using a muted version of the green, orange, and red, to give a retro or vintage feel, appealing to nostalgia and long-time fans of the brand.
  6. Seasonal or Special Editions:
    • Holiday-Themed Colors: For special occasions or seasons, like Christmas (reds and greens) or 4th of July (reds, whites, and blues), aligning with 7-Eleven’s promotional campaigns during these times.

Remember, the final choice of colors would depend on the branding strategy and design collaboration between Crocs and 7-Eleven, aiming to capture the essence of both brands while appealing to their combined customer base.

What’s the price of 7 eleven Crocs

  1. Classic Clogs: The iconic Crocs Classic Clogs usually range from $30 to $50. This price can vary based on the color, size, and any special editions or prints.
  2. Special Editions and Collaborations: Limited edition Crocs, including those resulting from collaborations with celebrities, designers, or brands, can be priced higher. These can range from $60 to over $100, depending on the exclusivity and popularity of the collaboration.
  3. Sandals and Slides: Crocs also offers a variety of sandals and slides, which are typically priced between $25 and $50.
  4. Work Shoes: Crocs designed for work environments, which often feature enhanced slip resistance and more durable construction, can range from $40 to $60.
  5. Kids’ Crocs: Children’s versions of Crocs are generally priced lower, usually ranging from $20 to $40.
  6. Accessories: Accessories like Jibbitz™ charms, which are used to personalize Crocs, are usually quite affordable, often costing around $3 to $5 per charm.


Q: How much will the 7-Eleven Crocs Cost?

A: The collaboration between 7-Eleven and Crocs has led to the creation of distinct styles: The 7-Eleven X Crocs Classic Clog, priced at $70, stands out with its exclusive set of 7-Eleven-themed Jibbitz charms, adding a unique flair to the iconic clog design. Complementing this is the 7-Eleven X Crocs Classic Sandal, available for $50, which artfully incorporates 7-Eleven’s signature, clean colors into the design of Crocs’ popular two-strap sandal, offering a fresh and stylish take on this classic footwear.

Q: Are the 7 11 Crocs Limited Edition?

A: These exclusive limited edition Crocs come with specially designed Jibbitz charms that capture the essence of 7-Eleven. Included among these charms are the iconic 7-Eleven brand logo, a Slurpee, a Big Bite Hot Dog, coffee, and pizza, each adding a unique 7-Eleven-themed touch to the footwear.

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